A very busy four months of winter maintenance work is under way being completed by our team of experienced maintenance staff; and all of our 18 shared ownership boats are nearly ready for the cruising season. Work will included sanding and varnishing, rewiring, servicing, and paintwork plus replacements and upgrades of inventory and soft furnishings. Every boat will been taken out of the water to be inspected and have the hull blacked.

We understand how important it is for shared ownership boats to be well maintained. In addition to our comprehensive turnaround checks and servicing schedule, we have a through winter maintenance schedule for each boat, completed over 4 maintenance weeks which are co-owned by all syndicate members. These weeks are traditionally spilt into two periods.

Firstly the boats are inspected with a syndicate representative in the autumn and a report and cost schedule are produced which outline the proposed winter work, categorising it into Essential, Recommended, Desirable and Owner Suggestions. There is then a period of consultation with the syndicate before a vote on the works is taken and a final schedule of works is produced for the syndicate AGM.

After each of the maintenance periods, a report is sent to the syndicate, which outlines what work has been completed, with any updated cost schedule. Feedback we have received from

At Carefree Cruising we take the approach of having a single budget that covers all running costs for the boat including annual maintenance, blacking and a future repairs fund. This means that all work is budgeted for in advance, owners are aware of their maintenance costs for the year and there are no unexpected bills

Our thanks to our team for all of their hard work!