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Paying for the running costs of your boat

Each year, you will pay a proportion of the running costs of the boat. This will be the same proportion as your share. For example, if you own a 1/12th share, you will pay 1/12th of the running costs of the boat. You also pay (direct to the Marina) the costs of the diesel that you use, plus the cost of having the toilet tank pumped out. There is also an optional valet service available at each of our bases for owners who wish to make use of it.

Our syndicate budgets cover all running costs associated with the boat including a budget for winter maintenance work, realistic budgets for the cost of repairs and servicing, our management fee, which is very competitive, and a future repairs fund. This fund ensures that the syndicate has funds in place in advance for ad hoc costs such as a repaint or engine work. By covering all of the boats running costs in a single budget, owners are fully aware of all costs in advance, and can relax knowing that there will be no unexpected bills. BEWARE of other schemes that say they are inclusive as often the winter maintenance work is not included and will be charged as a extra – often giving a very unexpected bill at the end!

Below is copy of the syndicate budget for our 2018 boat Skylark.

Please note: The running cost for a new boat are lower than on existing syndicates as there is less repair and renewal expenditure in the early years of service.

Boat Running Costs Budget (£)
Moorings 2,100.00
Licence 994.00
Insurance 525.00
Repairs & Breakdown 1,200.00
Annual Maintenance 3,500.00
Gunwale Repainting 876.00
Turnaround Fees 1,782.00
Servicing 1,700.00
Bottled Gas 186.00
Total Boat Running Costs 12,863.00
Syndicate Costs 310.00
Management Fees 5,685.00
Improvements/Replacements 800.00
Contingency/Future Repairs 2,400.00
Total Contributions 22,058.00
Total cost per 1/24th share 919.09
Total cost per 1/12th share 1,838.17
Total cost per 1/8th share 2,757.26
Total cost per 1/6th share 3,676.33

We make sure you’re involved at all times and provide all the legal proof of ownership, co-owners’ agreements, usage schedules, boat license and moorings… and on board you’ll find binoculars, books, charts…the complete Carefree Package