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 The Carefree Shared Boat Ownership Scheme

When you share the expense, you also share the use. So the usage and maintenance of the boat has to be booked and planned in advance. That’s where the advantages of Carefree Cruising’s professionally managed shared-ownership scheme come into their own.

Highly trained team at Carefree

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff shoulder the considerable administration burden of arranging moorings and insurance, buying the license and ensuring the boat is serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

We directly manage our main boat bases at Middlewich Canal Centre in Cheshire, Aston Marina in Staffordshire and Welton Haven Marina in Warwickshire. This ensures a consistent quality service for our syndicates and share owners. An experienced and knowledgeable local manager is present on turnaround days and Carefree Cruising staff undertake all routine maintenance and repairs.

Round the clock support

We also operate a 24 hour, 365 day a year support service, giving you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of you encountering a problem whilst cruising, help will be at hand, promptly and efficiently.

Allocation of weeks between owners

We operate a structured and fair share owner boat usage system. Each owner picks their weeks by way of a list that rotates each year. This ensures that share owners use of their boat is planned in an even handed and impartial way. Compare this to some of the other schemes, who subject you to the lottery of drawing weeks out of a hat!

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Running costs and repairs

Each year, you will pay a proportion of the running costs of the boat. This will be the same proportion as your share. For example, if you own a 1/12th share, you will pay 1/12th of the running costs of the boat. You also pay (direct to the Marina) the costs of the diesel that you use, plus the cost of having the toilet tank pumped out. There is also an optional valet service available at each of our bases for owners who wish to make use of it.


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Caring for your investment

We operate a totally transparent, open, honest and professional service to care for you and your investment.

Each syndicate has its own bank account, through which all payments for services or work done on behalf of the syndicate are made. This is a “Designated Client Account”, which means that the Bank accepts that the money in the account belongs to the share owners and not Carefree Cruising. Any share owner may request a copy of the bank statement for their account at any time. Your money is therefore 100% safe.

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